Some app publishers do not follow Google’s rules on the Play Store and store and store sensitive user data. But, still millions of devices tracked because of android apps.

The Google Play Store is again at the center of the news, this time because of some application editors who override its confidentiality rules to collect data from users without their knowledge. A study by the International Computer Science Institute has been sent to Google, highlighting that 17,000 Android apps are constantly collecting data from their users.

Among the applications cited in the report, there are services published by major players in new technologies such as Rovio, Cheetah Mobile, Audible and Flipboard. Applications that are installed on at least 100 million devices, with for some as Clean Master a presence on about 1 billion smartphones.

Normally, Google allows developers to collect only advertising IDs associated with users who need to be informed beforehand. These identifiers can be reset or disabled by the user to not be tracked. The applications involved go much further since they link these identifiers to other data such as MAC addresses, the IMEI of the smartphone and the Android ID. This unique data makes it possible to precisely identify the user and track him for the duration of use of his device.

Answer From Android App Developers

Following these revelations, the company Cheetah Mobile has justified its actions by claiming that the application collected the Andoird ID users to evaluate the facilities and not for advertising purposes. Thus, the company would agree with the conditions of use of the Google Play Store.

For its part, the firm of Mountain View has assured that it has already taken a set of measures without communicating about it or the number of applications concerned. She insisted that all applications that do not comply with the rules of the Play Store are penalized and took advantage of the case to reveal that many applications have already been blocked during the year 2018.