Smart homes, yes as you read, is possible thanks to the artificial intelligence that has become in recent years a common element of both the Smartphone and other equipment and appliances. With these cool gadgets, the voice service through which you can control any smart device in your home. Such as the lights, the thermostat, the television, the plugs, the cameras, blinds, doors, and others.

So, below we present the list of devices compatible with Amazon Echo Alexa that can cost only a few dollars:

  1. Smart Wifi LED bulb
  2. JCGT smart plug
  3. D-Link surveillance camera DCS-8300LH
  4. Robot vacuum cleaner DEEBOT N79S
  5. Philips Hue lamp 797977 Bloom Smart

1# Smart WiFi LED bulb

For a little more than $20, you can purchase Amazon Smart LED bulbs with adjustable white light RGBW (2700 K), compatible with Amazon Echo Alexa and Google Home. This is 10 W 900 Im LED and with it you can save up to 80% energy in your home.

Smart WiFi LED bulb

You only have to connect it to your WiFi and it allows you to control all aspects of your lighting from your mobile or tablet. Whether you’re at home or away, you can always make sure your lighting is set up the way you want. You can control the light individually or in groups, customize your favorite color and set on and off schedules as you wish.

2# JCGT smart plug

These smart wireless outlets are compatible with Amazon Echo Alexa and Google Home Assistant and are available on Amazon for only $12. They work perfectly with any brand of phone, iPad, and routers and can control it through the smart application. Also, it allows you to set a time task, create schedules to automatically turn on or off the electronics in your home.

JCGT smart plug

These switches compatible with Amazon Echo Alexa are easy to install, they work with the user manual, the pull-down application, the registration, it’s just plugged in and you’re done.

3# D-Link Surveillance Camera DCS-8300LH

With these WiFi security cameras of 1920 x 1080 resolution, compatible with Amazon Echo Alexa you can see and hear everything that happens in your home from your mobile or tablet wherever you are with the free myDlink application.

D-Link Surveillance Camera DCS-8300LH

It is Full HD 1080p, has a MicroSD slot and has a viewing angle of 137 degrees, with infrared, to see even in the most complete darkness. It also has bidirectional sound: integrated microphone and loudspeaker, which allows bidirectional oral communication, also receives emergent notifications if the camera detects movement or sound.

4# DEEBOT N79S – Robot Vacuum Cleaner Integrated with Amazon Echo Alexa

This is one of the best selling vacuum cleaner robots on Amazon and compatible with Amazon EchAlexa. It has innovative features that facilitate the cleaning of the home.

DEEBOT N79S - Robot Vacuum Cleaner Integrated with Amazon Echo Alexa

Thanks to its voice control, the user must only dictate the orders for it to work. The DEEBOT N79S includes sensors that detect stairs to avoid danger. Similarly, it contains four cleaning modes: MAX mode, Auto, Borders and Cleaning point.

5# Philips Hue lamp 797977 Bloom Smart

This is one of the lamps compatible with Amazon Echo Alexa and designed to create indirect ambient lighting. This light is a perfect way to highlight specific furniture or architectural features in your home. Simply place it close to the object and plug it in.

Philips Hue lamp 797977 Bloom Smart

Add a Hue bridge, sold separately to control with the Philips Hue app and enjoy your own light show at home, millions of colors and shades of white light. You can synchronize with your favorite music, movies and games for an improved experience.

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In this article, we presented five proposals for gadgets and devices compatible with Amazon Echo Alexa. However, in the market, the list of smart devices to make your home life more pleasant is very varied