Do you remember Sophia, the first robot citizen? Now she has a small sister who will make the Sophia brand diversify and expand.

Sophia came to public attention when, in a historic world premiere, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia gave her citizenship. It was created by Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong. In November 2018, Hanson Robotics offered Sophia a small sister on the show “The Tonight Show”. The creative company also launched a Kickstarter campaign for the new robot, which will give people the opportunity to have a little Sofia in the house.

Sister Sophia is 35 inches tall, her eyes big like Japanese cartoons, the silver body, and the back of her head is transparent, leaving her head circuits visible. The two have many talents in common – such as the ability to sing, go, dance, recognize faces and say jokes. Still, the purpose of Sophia is a more educative one.

According to the Kickstarter campaign, each mini-robot has an application that allows target users (i.e. those ages 7 to 13) to program Sophia using the Blockly and Python languages. “We believe that little Sophia can help with the presentation of STEM, coding and artificial intelligence to children – especially girls – in a fun, inspirational and interactive way,” says the Kickstarter campaign.

A small robot costs between 99 and 149 dollars, depending on when it is ordered. Delivery of the robots will begin in December 2019. Although Sophia is not the only robot that has been created for educational purposes, it may have more success than its predecessors, thanks to the popularity of her older sister. With little luck, little Sophia will inspire children of this generation to be more interested in robots and maybe even to a career in that direction.