The CES is often an event of visions and advances that on many occasions have not just become reality. But they are first steps that put the focus on a development underway that a few years later ends up becoming a final product. The same is true of the parcel delivery system in the city thought by Continental. We’ll just say they want to use robot dogs.

An Autonomous Vehicle Loaded With Robot Dogs

Many have been the proposals of different brands to show us how the packages could arrive at the door of our house. From the Amazon messenger that can enter the home to the most repeated, drones. But we had never imagined that a company would think of using robot dogs as employees of a courier company.

Amazon Messenger

For the delivery of products at the door of the house, Continental has thought of autonomous and electric dogs. The robots will not come from the office corresponding to your house by themselves. If we take them to certain delivery areas, the Continental Urban Mobility Experience (CUbE) would be in charge.

This vehicle, also autonomous, would do the work of transporting the dogs both in the collection of the warehouses and in the areas of final distribution, where the CUbE would open its doors to free the robotic dogs in the previously determined areas. The idea of Continental is that dogs have to travel a maximum of one and a half kilometers on foot. Maybe in a few years, it will not be dogs that bring us packages home, but it is more likely that some type of robot or autonomous mobility platform will be in charge of it.