Amazon has unveiled its project to provide Internet access to the entire world population: the Kuiper project. In concrete terms, the company will send more than 3,000 satellites in orbit.

The e-commerce giant has publicly mentioned the Kuiper project, intended to deploy thousands of satellites around the Earth to provide access to the Internet to as many people.

3,236 Satellites Ready To Launch

GeekWire, which had access to project documents, says the US company plans to put 3,236 satellites in orbit around the Earth. 784 satellites will be sent to 590 kilometers of altitude, 1,296 to 610 kilometers of altitude and finally 1,156 satellites to 630 kilometers of altitude. With this impressive fleet, Amazon would be able to cover nearly 95% of the world’s population.

The company does not hide its ambitions but has not advanced on a deadline for the deployment of its satellites. For the launch, Amazon would also seek to partner with other companies, but no name has been communicated. In these conditions, it’s hard not to think about Blue Origin, a company that is dedicated to space tourism and led by … Jeff Bezos, the big boss of Amazon.