Apple would have acquired Laserlike. This startup has developed a competitor doped with the AI ​​of Google News. Its technology could help Siri to provide more relevant search results.

Although Siri has a place of the first choice compared to other assistants on the iPhone. It is clear that for the moment, the digital assistant Apple is less efficient than those of Google and Amazon.

But lately, the firm seems to redouble the effort to strengthen Siri. This March, we came to know that Apple has acquired the Laserlike startup. This is stated by the website The Information, which has even been confirmed by Apple.

The terms of this acquisition are not known and we still not know why Apple decided to buy Laserlike. But according to our colleague VentureBeat, the team of Laserlike would have joined that of Siri.

A New AI Team For Siri?

Laserlike, allegedly founded by former Google engineers, has developed an application that uses AI to provide news feeds to users. In essence, this is a Google News competitor. The expertise of Laserlike could help Apple strengthen its capabilities in AI and machine learning. And this could help Siri provide more relevant information to users.

It should be noted that Laserlike also collaborated with Mozilla to provide a news feed based on the user’s browsing history on Firefox.