In a tweet, Donald Trump hammered Thursday that it is important for US firms involved in telecoms to focus their efforts on 5G while turning now … to the 6G. This is enough to raise some questions when the 5G is, itself, only in its infancy on the market. 

The nascent technology par excellence, the fifth generation of telecom network is almost more about it for the economic and geo-political issues it represents in the short term, than for the technological leap forward it is supposed to provide to the end user within two years. So when Donald Trump starts communicating on the 6G, everyone listens and sketches an embarrassed grin, starting with TechCrunch .

6G in construction elsewhere than in the spirit of Donald Trump?

The American media published a few hours ago a brief article aiming, somehow, to comment on the aspirations of President Trump. A question was then tacitly asked: Is the 6G already relevant? At last news, the answer is no. 

5G technology remains for the time being, and for the coming years, the main stake of the players of the mobile telephony and the telecoms at large, and this without the 6G still has its place in the debates. TechCrunch wants to prove it, while press releases rain to praise the merits of the “5G Revolution“, the 6G would have meanwhile been mentioned in recent months in a single press release received by Danny Crichton (TechCrunch reporter) author of the article). A lacunary release that is more.

It remains to be seen if the White House is actually, but secretly, on this somewhat futuristic technology, or if Donald Trump has simply spoken too fast. Sarcastic as ever, the American media opts without hesitation for the second solution. Samsung, Motorola, Huawei and others can sleep on their two ears, Donald Trump does not come, in a tweet, to make obsolete their 5G smartphones announced or upcoming.