Facebook will implement a new transparent feature in favor use of user data in advertisements. After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook announced a series of changes that it would implement in its monetizing system. Advertisers would have to satisfy a series of requirements for Facebook to accept their client files, guaranteeing that they have the corresponding permits.

On the other hand, Facebook also wants the process to be transparent from the user’s perspective, so it will implement some changes in the display of the ads, as mentioned in TC . As of February 28, the ads that follow this feature will show detailed information about the origin of the data, for example, when the information was uploaded, who uploaded the contact information, among other details.

The user will only have to select the question icon (Why do I see this ad?) That accompanies the targeted ads, to see a kind of a timeline with the information of their data, detailing how, when and who has uploaded their data on the platform. That way, users can learn how advertisers use their data. On the other hand, this feature could be used to evaluate how they share their data.