It is the highest penalty imposed after it has entered into force in the General Regulation on Data Protection in the European space. Google has been ordered to pay 56 Million dollars for failing to provide sufficient information about users’ data and how the information is used.

CNIL, the data protection body in France, has ordered Google to pay 56 Million dollars for failing to meet its obligations under the RGPD. The technology giant is accused of failing to provide information on data consent policies and for failing to provide users with further insight into how data is used. According to the regulator, Google has yet to rectify these violations. One of the points defended by the RGPD is that users have to give their genuine consent to the data collection, that is, companies have to activate opt-in mechanisms where the consumer explicitly gives their authorization.

The Regulation provides fines that can go up to 4% of total business volume so the 50 million that Google was sentenced could be much more. It should be recalled that the technology giant reported revenue of $ 33.74 billion in the last quarter alone.

This is the biggest fine to be applied to a company. In December, Barreiro hospital was fined 454 thousand dollars due to poor use of accounts to access patient data and a chat service in Germany was fined 22 thousand dollars for storing user passwords in plain text files.