An unusual Levia table lamp using magnetic levitation and electromagnetic induction technologies was introduced at the Kickstarter crowdfunding service. With their help, the cartridge with the incandescent lamp “soars” in the air, and the energy is transmitted without any contacts and wires.

The lamp is held due to the magnetic field, which is activated when the Levia base is connected to the network. The device is powered, by the way, from a standard outlet. The base of the luminaire is made of hand-polished Genuine Carrara or Black Marquina marble with a rubberized bottom that prevents sliding on smooth surfaces.

Levia has a fall protection system that causes the light bulb to magnetize to the top of the chuck during a power outage, accidental impact or interruption of current. At the same time, there is nothing difficult in removing the glass bottle by yourself and just putting it on the table.

To enable and disable the incandescent lamp on the marble stand provides a miniature touch button. At the same time, Levia can “hover” even when turned off, if the base is connected to the network. The device is available in black and white colors. In both cases, the lamp itself emits a warm light, less harmful to the eyes. The stated period of work is about 50,000 hours. Levia valued at $80. You can order via Kickstarter.