Yes, what you heard is real. Making good and original accessories for Apple products can be left to TwelveSouth. The manufacturer has today announced a new product: a photo frame that your iPhone can also charge. Meet the PowerPic.

PowerPic looks like an (analog) photo frame, but there is also a wireless Qi-charger. You put your iPhone in the list and loading starts. Great for anyone who does not want a conventional induction loader in sight. You can also play nice with the wallpaper of your iPhone and the picture in the list.

Creative with TwelveSouth PowerPic

You can use any photo of 13 x 18 cm in the frame. TwelveSouth also offers clever associations between the image in the frame and the background of your iPhone. Two images are included with the PowerPic and you can find other examples here. Of course, the phone will turn off its screen after a few seconds, so the effect is temporary, but it is an interesting idea anyway.

PowerPic A Photo Frame That Can Charge Your iPhone

Works not only with iPhone

This new Qi charger supports up to 10 W of power via induction. The iPhone supports up to 7.5 W, so the photo frame is powerful enough. A USB charger is not included. However, you can use any model, including the charger that comes with the iPhone. Because the list with the Qi standard works, you can also charge other phones than Apple’s smartphones.

The PowerPic has a suggested retail price of $ 79 at the manufacturer’s site.

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