SpaceX expects its spacecraft to be shipped soon to the Moon and possibly the planet Mars, but tests are being carried out to ensure the integrity of the spacecraft. To demonstrate what kind of test is being carried out, company president Elon Musk has unveiled a video with the heat shields of the ships at temperatures approaching 1,100 degrees Celsius.

Through his Twitter account, Musk showed a rather dramatic video of the metal shields lining the spacecraft, receiving the heat from industrial flamethrowers and supporting temperatures of 1,100 degrees.

These shields, according to Elon Musk in conversation with Popular Mechanics, are a new type of heat shield, functioning as a “stainless steel sandwich.” This is because a substance, such as water or fuel, is between the layers of steel, and the upper one has small perforations that allow the passage of this liquid outside, helping in the cooling of the ship.

Recently, the SpaceX spacecraft, called Starship only, has experienced some testing problems in Texas, where high winds have broken off part of the spacecraft, requiring several weeks to repair.