From Cecotec we present their new electric scooter, it’s our range of Outsider scooters that wants to take over the streets to facilitate travel in large cities.

We have the electric scooter Outsider E-Volution 8,5 Phoenix in our hands, a scooter that allows you to remove the battery at any time to change it for another, helping to increase your autonomy. The battery is the cylinder that can be seen in the right picture.

It has tubeless wheels with tires without air chamber, and a maximum power of 700 W (nominal 350), ideal for climbing hills. In the same range there are three types: Outsider E-volution 8.5 Phoenix reaches up to 700 W, Outsider DemiGod up to 800 W and Outsider DemiGod Makalu reaches 1600 W.

Tubeless Tires

With a single battery we can do up to 25 km (with a weight range between 60 and 80 kg load), and if we carry a spare in the backpack, we will arrive safely at 50 km. The speed can reach 30 km / h (the star model, Outsider DemiGod Makalu, reaches a speed of up to 45 km / h), but you have to take into account the driving mode since the scooter can be driven using three different modes :

  • Eco mode: to save battery (for long trips).
  • Comfort mode: good urban performance with low consumption.
  • Sports mode: for high speeds in short distances, without worrying much about battery consumption.
Light weight and speedy

In terms of design, it is foldable, compact and lightweight. It even has folding cuffs to reduce space. It weighs 13 kg, and measures 0.425 m (width) x 1.08 m (length) x 1.14 m (height).

The scooter also takes care of safety with a braking system that combines a disc brake, electric brake and rear manual brake. Outsider E-volution 8.5 Phoenix has a triple braking system that combines disc, electric and manual rear brake. Outsider DemiGod features a rear disc brake system and DemiGod Outsider Makalu features a dual front and rear disc brake system.

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And for lovers of LED panels, it has one that shows the speed and battery, as well as a system that marks the possible problems that the scooter can have (for example, battery nearing exhaustion).