Hello , everyone. Introducing me as Jayapal, a new editor at Hriday. We know that October month is successfully ended with popular silicon valley events. Today, I would like to start my first article that surprises all the iPhone users. Here are the top 10  popular iOS apps from October month that makes iPhone better than ever. Ok, let’s start the list with Opera Touch

#1 Opera Touch

opera touch ios

Now Opera has released a new browser Touch for iOS. The application interface is optimized for use with one hand, which is especially convenient for users of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The menu for searching, switching between pages and bookmarks is at the bottom of the screen. Opera Touch can send images, notes, and links from a smartphone to a computer via a secure connection. In addition, the browser has a built-in ad blocker and protection from miners.

#2 KyBook 3

kybook 3 ios

KyBook is a multifunctional e-book application that supports EPUB, FB2, PDF, RTF, TXT, FBZ, DJVU, CHM, CBR, and CBZ formats. In addition, the program plays audio files in MP3, M4A, and M4B. In KyBook, you can customize interface themes, use dictionaries for foreign languages, sort books by topics, publishers, authors, series, and tags. There are also categories for reading and unopened books, new products and the most popular publications. In the updated version, you can view the web pages of the authors, there is a basket for deleted books and the ability to add links to download.

#3 Rain Radar

MyRadar ios

The application in which weather fronts, cyclones, storms, and other phenomena are presented in the form of animated images. Here you will find accurate forecasts, data on the situation in real time and impending precipitation.

#4 Mealime

Mealime ios

This application will help to make a meal plan for the week. In it, you can choose a ready-made menu or collect your entire list of products for proper nutrition. Here you will find recipes with instructions, as well as be able to record the necessary ingredients for the dishes.

#5 Adobe Premiere Rush CC

Adobe Rush cc ios

A new application from Adobe for video editing on iOS-devices and synchronization with PC. The program allows you to quickly mount videos and share them on social networks. Projects from Rush open in Premiere Pro CC – you can start assembly on your smartphone or tablet, and then finish on the workstation. Free use is limited to exporting three files, after which you will have to buy a subscription or use it as part of the Creative Cloud package.

#6 Moments

Moments ios

Fun on vacation, first day at work, birthdays, meeting friends – this is part of our lives. Some episodes do not want to remember, but there are those that bring joy or instill confidence. Moments will help bring together dear to the heart of the event. Here you can bring planned and past events with photos set reminders for them in time or check how long a memorable moment occurred.

#7 FourEyes

Four eyes ios

With the help of this application inspired by old cameras, you can create unusual images with volume effect. Shoot objects from multiple points and FourEyes will turn your frames into beautiful GIF animations or looped videos.

#8 FilmLab, for Analog Film

Film Lab ios

FilmLab is useful for digitizing frames from film or slides. To transfer pictures to your iPhone or iPad, you need a backlit table or a large lamp. The application allows you to view the displayed negatives and convert them into color or black and white positives, save to the device, crop, adjust the exposure and color balance.

#9 Bookmate

Bookmate ios

This is a convenient application for reading books with an internal store and the ability to download your own texts. In the new version of the popular reader, you can configure switching to a night theme according to a schedule or depending on the screen brightness. Now the built-in translator can determine the language of the words you want to translate. Also, developers have corrected the interface for owners of iPhone X Max and have adjusted the display of code examples in books on programming.

#10 SoundCloud

Sound cloud ios

In the popular service for searching and listening to music, changes continue to occur. Users can now share Instagram stories. And for musicians, they promise to add integration with DJ-programs Traktor, Serato, and Virtual DJ, as well as a service for licensing and distributing royalty Dubset.