The British startup Wayve has been named the winner of PITCH at the Web Summit, a contest that this year had more than 1000 participants from around the world.

Wayve has been considered one of the 168 best-emerging companies in 40 countries, an artificial intelligence company based in Cambridge, United Kingdom, which creates data-driven driving software, allowing a car to drive alone.

Its approach allows a car to drive itself by just understanding what it can see, just like people do. They believe that their system can learn to drive in a new city with a minimum of new data or maps, which brings autonomous technology to the world.

The company will be deployed in 100 cities around the world, but that is not why they have won, but because of three indispensable factors in a startup: the strength of the team, its market size and its early evidence of traction.

Wayve was founded by a team from the Engineering Department of the University of Cambridge. The members of the company have made significant contributions to groups in Cambridge and the University of Oxford, BCG, Ubisoft, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft Research, Skydio, NASA and Facebook AI Research, for which there is technical excellence and they believe they can stand out in the Autonomous cars sector.

They define themselves on their website: “Our team is passionate about robotics and machine learning technology. In previous functions, we have developed cutting-edge products, we have created the main research works and we have led the international machine learning reference points.