Telegram received a huge amount of users this week with Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp instability but apparently, the messenger servers did not handle the 3 million new accounts.

This is because a failure on the Telegram servers affected 70,000 users, who had their accounts temporarily deleted by the service. The instability was perceived this Saturday (16) by several users, who lost access to the platform.

On Twitter, the company acknowledged the flaw and says that soon everything will return to normal – with no mention of how long the failure will persist – adding that no data will be lost. In another message, Telegram warns those who created another account in the service not to worry, that the messenger will replace it with the additional account, and reiterated that it will warn when the situation is normalized.

Still, on the microblog, the company has responded to users complaining about the problem warning that the solution will come soon.

With 200 million monthly users, Telegram has invested heavily on the security and privacy of its users. This is considered to be one of the major attractions of the messenger, which is also present on all platforms. Another application advantage is that it does not collect data from conversations nor offers ads, something that should get in the competing soon.

Now, with this flaw, it remains to be seen whether the communicator will maintain a good reputation or not.