Windows 10 reaches a milestone, installed on more than 800 million devices and for the company, a billion installations are already in sight!

Windows 10: Installed on more than 800 million devices

Microsoft is very proud to announce the great success of its latest version of Windows. It must be said that the company has put the package on Windows 10, especially encouraging professionals to no longer use Windows 7. This strategy seems worthwhile today, given the number of devices enabled with Windows 10. Moreover, Windows 10 passed in front of Windows 7, which did a lot of resistance.

Indeed, there are now more than 800 million terminals in the world to have the operating system. This is a real feat since Windows 10 has only been available for four years. This makes this version the fastest adopted in Microsoft’s history. And the company does not intend to stop there, aiming for another big increase in the coming months.

The last version of Windows 10 that is less appreciated

Indeed, the firm expects to exceed one billion adoptions very soon. It must be said that everything is done very quickly on Windows 10. In fact, in just six months, we went from 700 million to 800 million devices equipped with the operating system.

This means that if we follow this evolution, Windows 10 will be activated on 1 billion terminals in less than a year. The context is all the more favorable that we will witness very soon the termination of Windows 7 support, which should encourage many customers to finally move to Windows 10. It should be noted, however, that only 21.2% of Windows 10 users on a computer use the latest version of the software, launched at the end of 2018. In fact, 71% of customers remain faithful to the April 2018 Update.